Web Design Services

Design - Why so important?

We know how important it is for a business to have a good online image on the internet. Since the expansion of the online environment, the most easiest way to reach customers is to have your website designed as a nice business card. We'll help you translate your personality and services into your most valuable source of revenue.


We are passionate about what we do. In order to offer not only a great product but also a great experience, we are targeting the highest standards in terms of design.


Keep an eye on newest technologies. We translate ideas into great service that creates value for our customers.

Create a great solution

Design Services

Web Design

Your design must have careful considerations towards style, trends and its intended audience. By using the newest technologies, we are making sure that your website will be prepared for all browsers and devices.

SEO Friendly Images

Maybe you have the most beautiful images on your website. And maybe they describe your product or service very well. But still, the result is not as expected. We at Argon Solutions are not only making the design. We also prepare the images for the search engines. This means alt text, proper size, optimized titles and more.


Based on your products or services needs, we will create a custom design that satisfies entirely your needs. Elements like market, domain or competitors are all important parts of the design strategy.

Work Transparency

By choosing an iterative approach, we allow our clients to monitor the progress of our work. Progress reports and deliverables are provided at agreed intervals, giving the client an overall control of the development process.

Design Tools

We create great images  using the newest tools and technologies.  Our specialists will offer you the best solution designed for your needs. 

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular application among designers. It is used by many professional designers and photographers because of its large number of features.

JustInMind Prototyper

JustInMind is a digital tool that helps building of UI Mockups. The UI mockup intends to help the viewer visualize the basic layout, design and content, as well as demonstrate the essential functionality of the user interface before any interaction is added.