CRM Implementation

Each customer has different needs and expectations. Client Relationship Managament Systems are meant for sales, marketing, customer support departments. We are here to provide custom implementations for your business. As needed. As required. On time

SCM Implementation

A supply chain starts with the delivery of raw material from a supplier to a manufacturer, and ends with the delivery of the finished product or service to the end consumer. Proper SCM can increase revenues, decrease costs and impact a company's bottom line.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a buzzword anymore. It means knowledge, reasoning, problem solving, perception, learning, planning. We help companies with developing a range of AI solutions starting from classification and numerical regressions to neural network based forecasts, from identifying patterns in the input data to recommendation systems for e-commerce websites.

ERP Implementation

At its core, ERP helps employees do their jobs more efficiently by breaking down barriers between business units. More specifically, gives a global, real-time view of data that can enable companies to address concerns proactively and drive improvements, improves financial compliance with regulatory standards and reduces risk, automates core business operations such as lead-to-cash, order-to-fulfillment.

Custom Software

We employ innovative approaches and highly skilled people to transform organisations, delivering sustainable business growth through the design and implementation of leading-edge business processes, strategy and technology solutions. We love to have new challenges!
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It doesn't matter if you are a new customer or an old one. We are here to help our customers in all that matters. Before and after delivering projects. We speak both the language of your business and the language of a rapidly changing technology landscape.
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Financial Industry

Financial CRM

Close more deals with efficient sales processes to manage the entire sales cycle. Boost demand generation with intelligent personalized campaigns.

Scoring System

When evaluating personal / business loans, lenders need to analyze the performance. In other words, they need to determine the credit score.

Trading Platform

Easy to use and high performance. It goes all the way from order origination to execution and risk management. The right environment for sophisticated trading.

Pharma Industry

Pharma Points

Through the Pharma Points platform, pharmacies are collaborating easier with manufacturers. Registered pharmacies join the eligible campaigns, gain convertible points and transpose them into products and / or services.

Supply Chain Management

Complete solution for order automation. Demand Planning. Predictive Analytics. Product and Sales Forecasting. Reduce costs and allign your supply chain with market opportunities.

Sales Forecasts

Predict future sales results using innovative machine learning technologies. Automatically recommend up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to continually optimize sales performance. Provide a single line of sight into revenue projections, sales projections, and operational insight.

Manufacturing/Retail Industry

Digital Signage

TV screens or PC monitors you see installed in stores, restaurants and lots of public places. That’s called Digital Signage.Schedule and publish your campaigns in any way you wish: by date, by hour, day of the week, location. Monitor and report on your digital signage players. No software installation required.

Promotions Management

Define promotion budget and plans and asses their effectiveness. Manage discounts and get notified when targets are not within reach. Increase the cross-departmental execution performance.

Predictive Analytics

Predict Volume Forecasting based on history. Add Events to specific days or periods to provide real world uplift scenarios - event planning allows the operator to add anticipated spikes in demand based on events inside or outside of the venue. Predict required staffing levels by job title and see the estimated labor cost.



Our partner, Creatio, has been recognized in the October 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. At the same time, Creatio has been named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner's Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management for the second consecutive year.


Take advantage of the out-of-the-box sales processes that will guide you through the most effective actions to make the most of your sales pipeline, minimizing errors and boosting results.


Employ out-of-the-box processes designed in compliance with ITIL best practices and recommendations. Follow built-in business processes to manage customer requests, service catalogues and SLAs.


Leverage omni-channel communications through employing out-of-the-box best practise processes for efficient marketing automation - from demand generation to lead nurturing, and to successful hand-off to sales.


Bpm'online provides software solutions for a number of verticals and industries: Financial Services, Professional Services, Retail, Media, Telecom, Manufacturing, Pharma, Real Estate, Government, Transportation.




We start by getting to know your business. Let’s get a coffee and kick things off.


Project Assessment

After learning everything about your needs we’ll define the project, set goals and objectives for the weeks to come. And determine the time frame and the budget to successfully execute the project.



Just like wearing a sharp suit or dressing your best, your design must have careful considerations towards style, trends, and its intended audience.



Understanding what is important to your customer. We put ouselves in our client’s shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business.



Once all details are known and agreed upon we’ll start creating the final product, ready to be delivered to our customer.



Our expertise and personal involvement assures that we are delivering work that exceeds expectations and has a positive impact for your business.



Starting from 1992, Bioeel grew continuously in the pharmaceutical field. The company's target: every Romanian family to have at least one Bioeel product.


In a brief time, Ecofarmacia has managed to build a strong and able network to bring a diverse range of pharmaceutical products at the best price.

Europharm Holding SA

Europharm is one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors on the Romanian market. Beyond distribution it provides a wide range of services to manufacturers and suppliers in the pharma market: warehousing, logistics, marketing.


Built in 1998, the society marks a consistent presence on the Romanian capital market. The company is authorized by the National Securities Commissions in Romania, with the title of financial intermediary.

Imobiliare (Ringier)

Real estate professionals providing high quality services for agencies, developers, investors, banks and more.

Dodoni SA Greece

Dodoni is the largest dairy products manufacturer in Greece. Its products are available all over the world, being considered one the best brands in the industry.

eJobs (Ringier)

Company that acts on the job market offering the best services both for companies and people that want to be hired.

Vim Spectrum

Vim Spectrum is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Romania, which develops and produces generic drugs for human use, specialized in solid oral forms, tablets and capsules.

Pharmafarm SA

With more than 2000 partner pharmacies, Pharmafarm is a Romanian company whose main activity is the en gross distribution of pharmaceutical products.