Supply Chain Management System.

Companies don't need a procurement system that is too complex. They just need a solution that is easy to use and helps them get their tasks done.

Veritass - Acquisition


Complete solution for order automation. Orders are confirmed in seconds.


Have full control over the purchasing process. Replace manual operations with electronic orders that are automatically confirmed with major suppliers.

Veritass. Control
Veritass. Efficiency and Speed


No more delays - Waiting time for order confirmation down to seconds. Confirm up to 95% of your orders. Decrease operational costs.

Easy Access

Veritass is accessible from any mobile device, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
From any location. At any time.

Veritass - Easy access
Veritass - Office


Veritass talks to your accounting and ERP systems. Automatically, without effort, at minimum costs.

Real time analysis

Veritass helps you make the best business decisions by giving you access to real time data analysis.

Veritass - Real Time analysis