Search Engine Optimization

How SEO Works

Even if the search engines are continuously refining the way they rank web pages, there are two key elements representing the foundation for successful results - onsite SEO and offsite SEO.

Onsite SEO

Refers to website content and infrastructure. The main items that need attention from this perspective are: targeting the best keywords, matching existing content to target specific keywords, creating new content to target specific keywords, having the best website infrastructure and architecture.

Offsite SEO

Reflects the way your website is referred from other online sources. To improve efficiency, we need to focus on this items: developing a profile of high quality, on-theme incoming links, having a relevant and active social media presence, creating quotes. At least half of your SEO outcomes are influenced by elements outside your direct control.

Steps we follow in our SEO Strategy

Google Analytics Image - SEO

Keyword research

We research your target audience and the keywords for which people are finding your website,to determine specific keywords for the highest return on investment.


We analyze metrics like organic traffic, number of clicks, impressions, demographics and more to understand your website's SEO performance.

Build brand awareness

Having your website and brand featured on quality resources is important. Together we will find the best solution to drive meaningful traffic to your website.

"White Hat SEO"

Our SEO philosophy is strictly "white hat." This means that we don't cheat the search engines or the users. Our techniques are recommended by Google and follows the guidelines. We use ethical and safe practices. Always.

Content Importance

The key to successful SEO is content. There is an entire strategy for this part: keywords, titles, headings, length and more. Our team is specialized in writing quality content.

Transparent work

We work consistently on your campaigns and provide information constantly. We will be available for any questions always.

SEO Audit

The Internet has now various seo audit tools which can give you a basic idea about what you need to improve. But we, at Argon Solutions, are making more than that. We are not analyzing just one page and only the basics, we will have an in depth look over all SEO aspects. The key points that are included in the SEO Audit:

Technical Analysis

A few key elements checked during technical analysis: URL structure, crawl efficiency and accessibility, speed, navigation and crawl paths, content structure and code order, content delivery and catching strategy, meta data, URL exclusions with robots.txt and meta robots, sitemaps and more.


After we will identify your website's keywords, we will perform various searches on different search engines in order to see how well your website is ranking.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics offers important data about your website's performance. Data like traffic, number of clicks, impressions, demographics, technology or social media engagements.

Google Search Console 

We use Google Search Console/Webmaster Tools to measure  data about crawling, broken links, google index, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, security issues, search appearance and more.

Social Media 

Social Media Analysis  refers to the collection of data from social platforms to help guide your marketing strategy. Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) are generating  a great amount of organic traffic if used wisely. 

Competition Analysis

A few elements that we look at while analyzing the competition are: find your competitors, checking website popularity compared to competitor's page, analyse competitor's social media activity or SEO elements that are used.