The Brief

The Pharma Points platform makes collaboration between pharmacies and manufacturers easier: while pharmacies are in close touch
with promoting products campaigns, the manufacturers are aware of market’s needs and provides support promptly. Registered pharmacies
join the eligible campaigns, gain convertible points and then conveniently transpose them into products or services offered by the partner
stores. The website we had to build had to work as a front end for the platform and had to convince pharmacies and manufacturers to create an account, so they can have access to the platform.

Design Solution

We designed a clean layout that emphasizes the benefits of the platform for both pharmacies and manufacturers -- with clear, proeminent call-to-actions that serve the website's purpose.

  • Pharma Points – About
  • Pharma Points, Portal Information.


Days after we launched the website, more than 70 pharmacies and 89 manufacturers signed up to use the PharmaPoints platform.